Central Spring Open

Saturday, April 8:

The first day of racing saw strong winds of 18-20 knots out of the northwest with gusts up to 28. Racing was postponed in the morning, with the first start occurring at approximately 11:30AM. High winds lead to some difficulty on the water, with multiple capsizes occurring throughout the day and safety boats having to step in to assist. As wind speeds began to intensify around 3pm, racing was postponed until the decision was made to wrap up the first day around 4:30. A total of 5 races were sailed on Saturday, 3 in A divison and 2 in B. Columbia managed to stay upright and sail fast all day despite tough conditions, finishing the day with a 5th, a 7th, and a 9th in A division and a 2nd and 4th in B division.


A: Adam/Elizabeth

B: Nicholas/Antonia

Sunday, April 9

Sunday brought much calmer conditions, with a westerly breeze of 7-8 knots and gusts up to 12 knots. The first start was at 9:45AM, and A division hit the water first to complete their set from the day before. Only one race was completed before the wind died, causing postponement until 11:30PM when the wind picked up out of the southwest 'B' division was able to sail their set. Conditions changed throughout the day, with heavy oscillations and big shifts in pressure on the water requiring constant readjustments of the course. As the day proceeded, the breeze filled in a bit and wind conditions became steadier. In total, three A races and four B races were sailed. Columbia ended the day in 6th overall, with an 8th, 7th, and 6th in A division and two 9ths, and 8th, and a 7th in B division. A big thank you to Monsmouth for hosting the Central Spring Open as well as to Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club and its members for volunteering their time to help ensure things ran smoothly.


A: Calvin/Bailey

B: Isa/Elizabeth

Henry Luce Regatta

Columbia Sailing competed that the Henry Luce regatta held at SUNY Maritime’s venue on the East River, a quick ride from our venue of City Island. Adam DeVita, Elizabeth Keeney, Calvin Tong, Bailey Fryer, and Nicholas Houchois competed in the weekend’s qualifying event. Given a combination of the strong currents, shifty breeze, and competitive teams, conditions throughout the weekend were certainly difficult. However, Columbia getting accustomed to the difficult conditions throughout the weekend put up a good fight, and placed 9th out of 18 boats, just short of qualifying for the upcoming War Regatta. Thank you Coach Conor Cashel for the great advice and encouragement throughout the weekend!

MAISA North Qualifiers

This weekend CUST made the trek up to Geneva, NY to compete at the MAISA North Fall Qualifiers hosted by Hobart and William Smith on Seneca Lake. Coach Conor Cashel, Adam DeVita, Elizabeth Keeney, Nicholas Houchois, Bailey Fryer, Calvin Tong, and Fernand Le Fèvre traveled to charming Geneva for the weekend’s competition.

On Saturday morning A division headed out on the water in light breeze that quickly died. After an hour and a half of floating, the breeze picked up enough to get a set off. Shifty and variable breeze ranging in 4-14 knots from the North presented challenges throughout the day. After six races were completed in both the A and B division, CUST was standing in 7th place out of the fleet of 15 boats. Sunday, sailors waited until 1:30pm for breeze that never came -- though sad they weren’t able to sail, CUST sailors can’t complain about the opportunity to bond and catch some z’s in the sun on the shore of the beautiful Seneca Lake.

Finishing in the top 10, CUST moves on to the Luce Regatta qualifiers in a few weeks!